My father Léon Halfin started after the second world war with a concept way ahead of its time. Still operating today through a wonderfull business this concept established him as one of the first electron tubes specialists in the world.
The era's tradition was to add different product lines to feed client's needs in well defined geographical areas. He on the contrary strictly concentrated on Electron Tubes and sold them across the world. The tubes were his passion.
Wherever he travelled like a magician samples would spring out of his pockets. There wasn't a country he visited were he didn't sell ,buy or swap.
The 50's were the American Army surplus decade.
The 60's were the years he became General Electric's distributor for the Benelux and Poland.
He was the first to introduce Russian tubes to the world market. After numerous trips to Moscow he obtained an exclusive contract for their sale.
He managed to offer russian electron tubes at reasonable prices through endless negociations in russian which he spoke fluently.
The 70's : Many though the Electron Tubes were reaching an end, causing competition to look away, to other possible developping products. Again contrary to main stream fashion Léon Halfin gambeled on opposit ideas.
He bought what others wanted to get rid of, and consolidated his inventory.
Michel Wiams joined the company in 1975 and quickly became my father's right hand man.
He fulfilled various missions, learned all the trade secrets and aquired the know how .
The 80's: Léon Halfin's inventory and profits kept growing while the number of players in the business shrunk. Through his unique position in the market large sales were achieved between legitimate manufacturers and well known european brandowners.
It was around that time he advertised "Electron tubes are not dead , we will talk about them in the next 20 years" .

The 90's :
Michel Wiams, who had caught my father's passion for the Electron Tube, became naturally the electron tube division's department manager in 1989.
Taking on the tradition and adding to it current information management in an excellent environment. Michel jumped on the wave of hight-end audio applications that is the rejuvenation of the Electron Tube and that gave birth to a number of new companies.

The new century: Attitudes have changed and for the first time I sense from the electronic industry as a whole a sort of respect for the Electron Tube. It is now obvious to all that not a single technology will never have such a long life as the Electron Tube .

We are in business since 1946.

Philippe Halfin