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2SK3115 Power MOSFET Transistor N-Channel 600V 6A TO-220
AM29F002BT-90EC NOR Flash Parallel 5V 2Mbit 256K x 8bit 90ns 32-Pin TSOP
AM29F400BB-90EC NOR Flash Parallel 5V 4Mbit 512K x 8bit 90ns 48-pin TSOP
B32671L6153K Film CAP 15NF 10% 630V MKP
BD230 Power Transistor NPN 80V 1.5A TO-126
BDT60A Power Darlington Transistor PNP 80V 6A TO-220
BDX43 Transistor Darlington NPN 60V 1A TO-126
BFG11W-X Power Transistor NPN 2GHz 8V 500 mA SOT343
BFQ161 Video Transistor NPN 19V 500mA SOT54
BGY205 UHF Amplifier Module 880-915MHz 6V 3.5W SOT321B
BLV935 UHF Power Transistor 820-980MHz 26V 30W SOT273
BLW90 UHF Power Transistor 470MHz 28V 4W SOT122A
BST39 High-Voltage Transistor NPN 350V 100mA SOT89
BUH150G Switchmode Power Transistor NPN 700V 15A TO-220
BUJ103AD Power Transistor NPN 400V 4A SOT428 (D-PAK)
H11B1-X0009T Photodarlington Optocoupler CTR 500%
LM306H Voltage Comparator 24V 600mW TO-99-8
M29W800AB100M1 NOR Flash Parallel 2.7 V to 3.6V 8Mbit 512K x 8bit 100ns SOIC-44
MRF548 RF Transistor NPN 70V 400mA TO-117
N82S23N TTL Bipolar PROM 256-Bit (32 x 8-Bit) 16-Pin PDIP
RC2123DPL Modem Chip Single CMOS VLSI Device 100-Pin PQFP
UA311HC Voltage Comparator 40V 1W TO-99-8