Message from Philippe HALFIN, Director
HALFIN has always focused on its role of independent distributor and product specialist.
The semiconductors' supply and demand volatility has given us plenty of opportunities and allowed us to become the perfect alternative to the largest franchised distributors.

Our aim is to push our job to excellence and to develop close relationship with our customers.

A continuous exchange of information between us and the buyer is leading to fine tune co-operation.... it may go as far as having E.M.S. and O.E.M considering us as a real extension of their own purchasing offices.

Our mission is:

1. To help purchasers in particular cases

2. To save customers money or simply increase profit by providing them with large worldwide stock availability and price opportunities

3. To shorten the lead time when local franchised distributors offer unsuitable long delays.

4. To find hard-to-get parts.

We have been doing this business for over 30 years and realised that the long term relationships we have been building with our customers and suppliers makes us efficient

New time, new challenges

Many different new elements have arisen since 2000 and the environment is radically changing:

• Product life cycle is getting shorter
• Manufacturers are reacting faster to any shortage and oversupply
• The market has changed from local to global
• The date code restriction has become a real concern
• The “Chinese dragon” is imposing its way
• Only very few franchised distributors are left and, as a result, only these same very few companies’ flags are floating worldwide

• The lead free compliance (RoHS)….

Would you agree to say we are entering into a new distribution age?
Well, let's be part of it!